I've been working with software for a while, especially product software. I can plan and execute everything needed to build and ship a product, from human organization to technical systems.

My experience is varied and in different sectors (software, web, health, data, machine learning, AI, infra). Polyglot developer with a previous background in AI research, I go beyond the technical to support the project or people. I believe that the success of a project depends on many aspects such as project management or coaching: it's not just the code.

Now I focus on projects that address basic needs (e.g., food, shelter, transportation, education, healthcare) or emerging global challenges (e.g., climate, biodiversity, resources, energy).

Noteworthy experiences

All of my experiences are listed on my LinkedIn profile. Below are a few ones that are noteworthy, starting with the most recent.

Data engineer, Children's Tumor Foundation Europe

I advised and reviewed regarding the data management plan for longitudinal natural history studies.

Software engineering advisor, KERN-IT

I advised KERN-IT on methodology and communication, project management and architectures.

CTO, Digazu

I was responsible for the production and delivery of the product (Digazu): support and management of people and teams, quality assurance and productivity, business and technical balance, meeting user needs, customer support, operations management, budget management, and more.

Digazu is a data product platform that enables the creation, management and consumption of data products. It is built on real-time data stream processing technologies such as Apache Kafka and Flink.

Head of engineering, Euranova

I was in charge of software engineering at Euranova and its customers: consulting, auditing, project management, development, quality, best practices and methodologies, tools and processes, ...

Founder, PullReview

As a founder, I did a little bit of everything including sales. We built and sold an automated code review service for Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and Javascript.

Advisor, Venn Telecom

I advised the founders during the early stages of the company.

C++ software engineer, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals

I have implemented highly efficient disease simulators with agent-based models for several diseases (pertussis, rotavirus, influenza) to study spread or vaccination strategies.

Infrastructure and software engineer, Apreco

I helped operate and develop the infrastructure and software for an online web application to review and analyze sleep data collected by medical devices.

Researcher and teacher assistant, Universit├ę Libre de Bruxelles

I have done research in several AI topics (neural networks, genetic algorithms, multi-agent based models, metaheuristics) and focused my Ph.D. thesis on online unsupervised machine learning and combinatorial optimization problems.

I have taught various software engineering topics such as C++, Python, Java, or artificial intelligence techniques.