The end.

This is an archive of blog post I wrote during my third venture (PullReview).

The first code of PullReview has been pushed in January 2013. We were 3, Martin, Stephan, and I. It was launched in October 2013. It slowly grew for about 2 years. Life being about choices and decisions, we split, Martin and Stephan taking different roads. I tried to actively run and grow PullReview alone. After one year, the customer base was not still enough. I decided to find a new adventure and joined Eura Nova in January 2016. I put PullReview in maintenance mode and slowly reduced the operational cost. The revenue was enough to cover them. It worked for 2 years. I was happy that I could continue to help developers.

Recently, 2 big customers stopped their subscription. The revenue does not cover the costs anymore. This is the end of PullReview. I'll stop it next Monday, the 19th February 2018, the free and paying versions. There are good alternatives, I'm sure you'll find one that suits you.

It was a great adventure, I learned a lot, I could help a lot of developers.

Thank you to all the people that have been a part of it, the family, the friends, the customers, the users. Thanks!

The End.

If you have any comment, question, or feedback, please share them with me.

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