PullReview: Badge and integration with BitBucket and GitLab

This is an archive of blog post I wrote during my third venture (PullReview).

PullReview recently gets a few new features:

  • Badge
  • Public Review for Public Repo
  • BitBucket and GitLab
  • and lots more:
    • HipChat notification
    • Performance of the home page
    • Profile
    • Heartbleed
    • Support Contact


Badges in README.md are a very common way to inform people about your project good health. PullReview now provides its own badges:

badge PullReview KO

badge PullReview OK

Each badge presents a brief status as following:

  • βœ— the number of detected issues
  • βœ” the number of fixed issues
  • (+ the number of issues fixed since the previous review)

It will be colored depending on the progress:

  • red if
    • more issues have just been added than fixed
    • there are more to fix than fixed
  • otherwise it will be green

When you click on the badge you'll then access the corresponding review page.

You'll find the link and the markdown snippet for the badge just below the review title by clicking "Badge urls".


The badges are also available for private repositories. In that case, the URI also contains a unique token given the access to the badge. The URI is then enough in itself to see the badge (but only the badge). Share it carefully.

Share your badge and show off all your improvements!

Public Repositories reviews are now publicπŸ”—

You can now share the URI of your review with anybody, and they will have access to your review. For instance, by clicking on a badge, a person can visit your review and discover its details. All the details are shared except the security vulnerabilities. To avoid premature disclosure, those ones are only readable by the owner of the review.

BitBucket and GitLab supportπŸ”—

It's now possible to review a repo hosted either on BitBucket or on GitLab. On the list of repositories (https://www.pullreview.com/settings/repositories), click on the button "Add a repository"


Then fill the form to add your BitBucket or GitLab repo:


Notice, that it's also possible for GitHub repository when you didn't grant us enough permission to retrieve the list of your repositories, and add deploy key and webhook.

For BitBucket as for GitHub, you can also grant us some permission that will ease your setup: retrieving the list of all your repositories and one-click setup adding deploy key and webhook.


HipChat notificationπŸ”—

HipChat is one of the great chat applications. It's really a great way to communicate but also to be notified of everything that happens inside your team. In addition to Email and GitHub Status, you can now be notified directly into your HipChat room when a review is ready. Just go on your account page (https://www.pullreview.com/settings/accounts), browse the Notification tab, and setup the connection with HipChat


Performance of the home pageπŸ”—

We've improved the performance of the home page with the list of available reviews. For some of you, it will make a big difference as it's no more slowed down by the size of your reviews.

We're working now on the performance of the review page.


As you may have noticed, there is now a profile page (https://www.pullreview.com/settings/profile)


Stay tuned - more and more metrics, awards and badges coming your way in the next weeks.


You've certainly heard of HeartBleed vulnerability. We've already took several measures including:

  • We've upgraded all our systems to use the newer and protected version of OpenSSL. We did it on the productions servers the day just after the vulnerability became public.
  • We've reissued new SSL Certificates and revoked the old ones.

We're still working on the issue, but on less urgent side effects.

For GitHub, BitBucket, and GitLab, we advise you to read their respective blog post on the topic. In addition, as PullReview relies on GitHub for login, we recommend you to follow their recommendations:

Support ContactπŸ”—

If you need support, have any questions, comments or feedback, there are several ways to contact us:

  • by email
  • by Twitter: @pullreview
  • by the in-app conversation system: just click on the mail icon inapp-message when you're logged in

Happy Spring!πŸ”—

The sunny days are back for most of us. Always a great time to get out, spend time with friends and family, and leave the code behind you.

We're here if you have any questions or need anything. As listed above, there are plenty of way to reach us.

If you have any comment, question, or feedback, please share them with me.

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