Giving Back with 24 Pull Requests

This is an archive of blog post I wrote during my third venture (PullReview).

What would we do without all those magnificent Gems and Rubies? Thanks to the many developers that make them and open their source, we can develop great apps.

Now is the time to give back. It's time to say thanks to their authors, to send them a pull request, to send them back 24 little gifts and join the 24 Pull Requests movement.

24 Pull Requests is a yearly initiative designed to let you give back little gifts of code over the holiday season. Just visit to find out how to contribute a pull-request a day in the days leading up to Christmas.

We at PullReview want to join and support this initiative. PullReview can help you contribute, it can underline and explain where you could improve the code quality, fix vulnerabilities, or add a missing test. It can also help the maintainers to review all the contributions and check at a glance that conventions and contribution guidelines are respected.

If you are a maintainer, have submitted your project to 24 Pull Requests, and are interested in checking submitted contributions with PullReview, just contact me, I'll help you set up PullReview to do so.

If you want to get help from PullReview to contribute to open source Ruby projects on 24 Pull Requests, follow these steps:

  • pick a project on 24 Pull Requests;
  • fork it;
  • check the contribution guidelines, usually provided in or (PullReview might suggest improvements that go against them),
  • check existing reviews on the upstream repository (the review of the master branch is usually linked to the PullReview the badge into the, if not you can browse it at<account>/<repo name>/reviews/master if it exists);
  • fix issues reported by PullReview (if you add your fork to PullReview, it will check your modifications and detect your fixes),
  • submit a pull request.

If the upstream project is not already on PullReview, you will have to add your fork to PullReview and push a first commit on the main branch to get a review on the whole base code.

Last thing, if you submit 24 pull requests to Ruby projects, we'll have a little gift for you.

Happy coding back <3!

If you have any comment, question, or feedback, please share them with me.

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