A clean up of the website

I know, I know, I've been quiet. I haven't posted anything for a long time. My last post is from Aug 2016, the first post under the name "I bake software". I also wrote one on the blog of PullReview to announce its end.

I shared a little though, as I gave a few talks (TakeOff Conf 2016, MyData 2017, ConFoo Montreal 2017 & 2018, Paris.rb 2018, Kafka Summit SF 2019).

As a few things have changed for me, it's a good time to change, clean up, and revamp the website too 😀.

I'm keeping it as a static website as I want to keep it's cpu/memory/network bandwith low. But I've switched the generator from Jekyll to Zola. There isn't any strong arguments behind this choice except my growning interest for Rust and its style.

In line with the choice of static, I've picked a classless lightweight CSS framework: awsm.css.

I've replaced the analytics with GoatCounter for its simplicity and its respect for privacy. As such, I don't have to annoy the visitors with cookie consent.

I've updated the content, mainly the homepage where I explain When can I help.

Rather than exposing my email, I've added a contact form and set up a Formspark and Botpoison accounts to forward the message to my email address. Both services are made by Bjorn Krols. Very lean, neat, and Belgian 🍫.

Finally, I've migrated all the old blog posts that I wrote during past ventures.

Enjoy, and see you soon for more news, especially about what happened since 2016, and what I'm going to do next 🤫.

If you have any comment, question, or feedback, please share them with me.

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