Bemco launched

This is an archive of blog post I wrote during my first venture (beginning of 8thcolor).

Some weeks ago, we wrote here that we were working on Bemco, an online editor of Business Model Canvas. We needed it one and still need it. We thought other people would like one also. We've decided to make it. After two weeks of development and two of beta, it's time for us to launch Bemco in the wild. But before please watch our new improved screen cast made by White 7, with some minor changes we're quite proud of.

Bemco is delivered "as-is", and is free. Should you find it useful, or got ideas that would make it better, let us now. We do got some, but we want to hear the user's voice. And for the impatient, go on Bemco and use it.

If you have any comment, question, or feedback, please share them with me.

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