A first product

This is an archive of blog post I wrote during my first venture (beginning of 8thcolor).

When you start your first venture, you spend a lot of time to eat and digest a lot of new knowledge. It's necessary, but it's not enough if you don't get real. Me and Martin are strongly convinced that learning is actually done by doing and failing. That's why we've decided to quickly launch a first product. But what product? We've picked one idea among the several ones we have around the same problem theme 8th color addresses.

The idea is one of the simplest we got, and one that we need ourselves. It is an online and collaborative web editor to design Business Model Canvas.

Not yet ready, we just tease the product today: take a look at Bemco.

Bemco screenshot


  • you are interested in it, submit your email on Bemco.
  • you have some comments about it, share them.
  • you want to participate to a beta, tell us.

Thanks for reading us, we hope to hear from you.

If you have any comment, question, or feedback, please share them with me.

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