2012 Recap

This is an archive of blog post I wrote during my second venture (Sybil).

As a new year begins, Martin and I have looked back at 2012 to share our lessons, our disappointments, our good points. That exercise helped us to underline what we didn't like, what we did, and what we learned. I can say 2012 was a great opportunity for us to explore, taste, and test. We were a little bit like children in a candy shop: we wanted to taste everything. It's time to grow, and our biggest decision is simply to come back to our roots, but we'll tell more about that a next time.

During that recap, one thing amazed us is the amount of "things" we did or generated. Let's talk the facts:

  • Emails
    • sent: 2512
    • received: 13497
  • Google Talks between Martin and I: 437
  • Documents:
    • 1125 files
    • 1089MB
  • Contacts: 607
  • Business Cards: 271
  • Calendar:
    • 48 lunches
    • 6 workshops
    • 141 meetings, skype calls, events, …
  • Code:
    • 5 repositories
    • 713 commits
    • 14579 final ruby lines
  • Events:
    • 8 pitches before large audience (FI graduation, Microsoft Techdays, MIC Boostcamp final, BetaInvest, Innopitch, ICT Spring, Dublin WebSummit, Brussels California mission)
    • 6 Betagroups (as attendees)
    • 2 Brussels MIC Bootcamp final (1 as participant, 1 as jury member)
    • 4 booths at large events (Innopitch, ICT Spring, WebSummit, LeWeb)
    • 15 networking events
    • 1 8th color birthday dinner with 30 attendants
  • Pilots: 3
    • Number of projects: ~50
    • Number of developers: ~100
  • 15 web applications
  • blog
    • 55 posts
    • ~35k visits
  • 11 business update newsletter to 25 subscribers
  • 1 photo shoot with us and friends as actors

Those are just some numbers to give you an idea. They are certainly others. Some are preferable to not be counted like the working hours and sleepless nights.

I wish you and your family all the best for 2013.

If you have any comment, question, or feedback, please share them with me.

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