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I'm Christophe. This is my professional website.

Do you need to build a software product, process data, improve your development workflow to reduce maintenance costs or delivery time, grow a team, improve your skills or the skills of your team, find the methodology that fits your needs, work with machine learning or complex techniques?

Are you addressing a problem related to the basic needs (e.g. food, shelter, transportation, education, healthcare) or emerging global challenges (e.g. climate, biodiversity, resources, energy)?

I can help you! Let's talk. As a freelancer, I can consult, design, implement, and deliver anything needed to build and ship a software product from human organization to technical systems, from strategy to execution. It can take a few days or several weeks. I can also act as an interim CTO. You'll learn more about my experience in the work section.

You can also find some of my writings on software development , engineering, and related topics in the Blog section. I like to share my knowledge, and I am happy to give talks. Please contact me if you'd like me to give a talk.

Baking software?!

a baked sourdough with a nice ear

I love baking and I'm fascinated by natural fermentation. So, I mainly bake with my own starter. I love it for many reasons:

  • You feed people you love.
  • Practice beats perfection.
  • You improve your techniques by doing, over and over again.
  • Your practice pushes you to learn theory.
  • You have to practice to go beyond theory.
  • Even if you fail, you learn and you eat 😋.

I build software the same way.

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